Merci Tub Tea

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What is it?
Tub Tea is a Bath Soak, invented by a Certified Massage Therapist, Tub Tea is a handmade liquid tension reducer. There are absolutely no harmful additives, preservatives or chemicals. Each order is personally made fresh. Tub Tea's precise method of botanical herbs is blended into a solution. It is then lovingly poured into an adorable jar just for you. 

What does it do?
Relieves tension, soothes muscles and calms nerves.
Keep refrigerated until use.

How to use it?
Bath Method
1. Pour into a bath of water*
2. Soak
3. Feel your muscle tension slowly melt away from head to toe. 
*1-2 cups Epsom Salt is optional. 1-2 cups White Vinegar optional.

Non Bath Instructions
1.  Add Tub Tea to a small cloth.
2. Place wet cloth in the area of pain.
3. Wet a second cloth, squeezing out excess water.
4. Microwave the towel for 15 seconds. Use tongs to remove and shake out as not to burn yourself. 
5. Carefully place the heated towel over the tea towel. (This will stain the towels
6. Repeat with a heated towel if needed.

7. See rollerball option.


Foot Soak
Add ¼ of the TubTea jar to your foot tub. optional, 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts.