MaskerAid Mask Spray

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What is it?

A refresher spray for your mask.

What does it do?

Kills 99.96% of bacteria and viruses. Skin soother. Stops acne. It smells amazing and a mood lifter. Can even be used as a hand and air sanitizer.

Product Story?

There was a need. We were watching our sweet courageous essential worker friends dealing with irritated skin under those masks. So my best friend, Lorena and I went to work. We created MaskerAid just for you .

What is in it?

Colloidal Avena Sativa.

It is anti-inflammatory, and helps to soothe itchiness and offers a barrier to allow the skin to repair. It helps to balance and replenish the skin oils. This is our acne fighter.

Thieves Oil Blend has a long historic tale that dates back to 1413C.E. Let’s just visit that time for a minute. There were four thieves that were stealing from the sick and dying. However, how had they not contracted the infamous Bubonic Plague despite close contact. 

Once apprehended by the law, a deal was set for a lesser punishment. But only if, they told their secret. These four perfume and spice merchants gave up their age-old recipe blend. 

Today we benefit from this powerful blend that can claim 99.96% killer of bacteria and virus.

This is in our MaskerAid Spray. In the blend is Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary.

We add Lavender and Spearmint.